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Sticks and Stones: No One is Too Far ...

Sticks and Stones: No One is Too Far Away
The Prodigal Son: No one is so far gone, so far away from God, or so filled with sin that they are beyond the redemptive love of God in Jesus. 1 Peter 1:3-9, Luke [...]

Sticks and Stones: Meeting the Thirst

Sticks and Stones: Meeting the Thirst
Week Three: Feeding of the 5000 –  There is enough for everyone (everything) when we place all gifts in Jesus’ hands. No one is left out. Matthew 14:15-21, Exodus [...]

Sticks and Stones: Meeting the Thirst

Week 2: The Woman at the Well – In our own human tendencies we tend to look at others through stereotypes. Jesus shows us through his love and compassion the importance of acceptance. John 4: 1-42, Joshua 24:32, Psalm [...]

Sticks and Stones: Loving Your Neighb...

Sticks and Stones Series Week One Many times in the Bible we find that God calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves. The parable of the Good Samaritan illustrates the greatest commandment for us. Main Scriptures Luke 10:25-37, Leviticus [...]

Sermons, September 6, 2015

Free week!! Sometimes we let the pastors preach on whatever they want. Hear Nathan Whybrew. Main scriptures 137:1-6 and John 16:21. And listen to Russ Abel “Bringing Others.” Main passages Psalm 71:14-17 and John 1:43-51 [...]

Not You, Not Me, But We: Incarnationa...

Hospitality Series Week 4 Matthew 19:13-15, Luke 15:1-7 We are called to live like Jesus here on earth. We should live in such a way that people know Jesus because they know us. This is incarnational [...]